Apr 10, 2010

Item #19-Two,1 month memberships to Lifetime Fitness

So the most incredible sports club in the world, or in Utah anyway; has given me 2-1 month memberships to Lifetime Fitness in South Jordan, Utah. This gym is so awesome! They have a salon, cafe, swimming pool, and so much more at this awesome facility! I am so jealous because I have wanted a membership to this gym forever!! These memberships are valued at $250.00!! Here is the website so you can check out all their information:


I want to thank Amanda for getting these memberships for us to auction. She works at the salon there and is my hairstylist who is donating her services as well. I really am so jealous to whomever gets this!

Lifetime Fitness
10996 South River Front Parkway
South Jordan, UT 84095


Again this bid will last until 11am on Monday so hurry and get your bid in! Have a great weekend and good luck!!

Auction #17-Springville Hair Color

One of my dear friends Annika is a hairstylist in Springville and although I have never gone to her, I have friends that live down there that do and they swear by her! She is donating:

Action a Hair Cut and Color.
Jayda Boutique and Salon
1190 north Main #20
Springville Utah
Annika- 801-318-6443

Thank you so much Annika for your generous donation. You are a sweetheart and I can't thank you enough! You will have until Monday at 11am to donate on this item! Good luck and thank you again!

Auction Item #16-Who Wants Their Hair Done?!

I have the most amazing hairstylist. She is darling and has made for many wonderful compliments from people in my life!! Amanda is an expert at color and specifically blonds. I swear by the girl. She is so cute too! She has a little girl and is pregnant with a little boy. She heard about what is going on with me and said, "Can I please donate?!" She is such a doll and I just love her to death! This is my hairstylist and I absolutely swear by her!!

She is auctioning 5 full treatments valued at $110.00 each!! So that means that you can bid on 5 different ones. SO what we will do for this bidding is the top 5 highest bids will win. If you want to buy more than 1 you can type, "I am bidding $100 for 2" Again this will go until Monday April 12, 2010 at 11:00am.

Amanda Okerlund
Lifespa Salon

I can't tell you how amazing she is and how much I absolutely swear by her. I will not see anyone else. You look at any of my pictures on my blog and she has done my hair in every pictutre!! Thank you Mandy for doing this to help me. You are a sweetheart! If you live in SL County this is so convenient and an amazing deal!!