Oct 20, 2010

Thank You (Gay) Mormon Guy

I follow a blog that is written by a stalwart Mormon man who is gay. He lives a "morally clean" life as dictated by the Prophet. I can't imagine the struggles this man goes through, all I know is I don't think I could do it. Today made me thankful for my trails. I'm glad that I have mine trials. I'll take mine any day of the week and twice on Sunday. As I was feeling frustrated because a few of my health problems have returned lately, this post by this man really helped. Here it is....

"Someday, I'll look back on the frustration I live with right now and think, "Mormon Guy, wasn't that an amazing learning experience? Would you trade the things you learned in life for anything in the world?"

Looking back right now... on the things that I've learned from the trials of yesterday and years past... I wouldn't trade the lessons I've learned for anything in the world. Somehow, God knew me well enough to create a life uniquely for me. From the talents He gave me to the trials I face, everything is custom to me. He knew what experiences I needed to have the chance to grow and develop into the man He sees in me.

I guess, from that perspective then, today wasn't such an awful day after all. Yeah, a few minutes ago I felt terrible. But while sitting here I've felt the simple truth that God loves me. I'm going in the right direction. The Lord is involved in every intricate aspect of my life. He wants me to talk with Him - to learn from Him - and to keep moving forward. ...and that's enough. When days are rough and the future is uncertain, I can stick my head in a bag or press forward. It's my choice."

I don't know who you are Mormon guy, but thank you for posting that. I really needed it today.

Here is his blog if any of you are interested in reading it: