Mar 5, 2011

Days 23-30...and the Challenge is Done.

Day 30-A picture of someone I miss....My sweet niece Maddie. No one will ever know what this little girl means to me. I love her like she's my own. She is my sweet, little, precious, angel, and I miss this girl more than anything! Love you Mads!
Day 29-A picture that always makes me laugh
Day 28-A picture of my greatest fear...Spiders
Day 27-A picture of a family member and me. For those of you that don't know, this is my sweet Momma Cay.
Day 26-A picture of a day that means a lot to you.....My 26th Birthday. This day is so special to me because I didn't think I would live to see it. I don't ever remember having such a meaningful Birthday.
Day 25-A picture of your perfect day. A day spent with Dave, no matter what it is, is the most perfect day I could ever ask for.
Day 24-A picture of something you wish you could addiction to shopping (I write this as I sit searching on Etsy right now) -sigh-
Day 23-A picture of my Favorite Book

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Regs said...

I'm a blog-stalker. My sister is Robyn Waggoner and she has talked about you, but I never put the connection together that you were Jamie's sister until I saw Maddie's picture. Your story is amazing. Your spirit is uplifting. And I needed to read your blog today. Thank you for sharing your story.