Oct 21, 2012

Something new, fun, and exciting!

 I recently got accepted to be a volunteer at Primary Children's Hospital.  I was so thrilled I can't even explain!  This is something that I have wanted to do for years, but I finally feel like I'm healthy enough to do it.  It will only be 1 day a week for a few hours, but I can't wait!  

One of the main reasons I have wanted to volunteer at a Hospital (specifically this one) is because I have been given so much.  IHC has done so much for me while I have been sick, and I feel like I finally am getting the opportunity to give back a little.  I know what it's like to be sick, and I know how hard it is to sit in those hospital rooms all day long, all by yourself, and feel like crap.  I also know what it's like to have your loved ones be so worried about you, and come in a be with you thinking that it is going to be their last time.  I hope so badly that I can give my love and attention to the patients and family members at this hospital, like so many people did for me.  If I can cheer even 1 person up, give 1 person a little hope, or make someone's day a little better, then I will be happy.

Dave is going to school fulltime and he just got a job working fulltime at the VA hospital, so I need to find things to fill up my time.  This was a perfect option!  I'm just thrilled!  Maybe I can get my foot in so Dave can get a job here down the road  ;)  You never know!  I mean he does want to go into pediatrics.  I would love for him to be able to work at this Hospital one day.

Again, I just want to thank each of you who made a HUGE difference in my life while I was sick.  The ladies who came and visited me all the time, my dear friend who took her time to teach me to sew, the nurses who would spend sleepless nights with me at LDS hospital, my doctor who performed endless surgeries on me at 3am, and especially to my amazing family who stood by through it all.  I couldn't be more blessed.  I hope I can give to these patients what all of you gave to me in my time of need.  I love you all more than I can ever express.

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Blake + Jess. said...

Congratulations on the new change! Change is amazing and you will do wonderful!