Dec 4, 2012

Some Lessons I've Learned

I've had some amazing women come in and out of my life.  My mother, my sister, my grandmother, my friends, and women I've never even met. I wanted to thank all of you by letting you know 30 things that I have learned from you along my journey.....

1. How to put on makeup, but more importantly how to put on mascara without any clumps.
2. How to Flirt with Boys
3. How to share. (this was very hard for me.)
4. How to love unconditionally.
5. How to not be judgmental.
6. Confidence is very important, so fake it until it becomes real.
7. Heartbreak is real and a very important part of life.
8. Don't bring your cell phone out to the pool, it will end up at the bottom of the pool.
9. The Office, Arrested Development, and Sex in the City are all shows worth watching.
10.Don't be afraid to Fail.
11. Try new things, especially new foods.
12. Wearing socks with flip flops is not fashionable.
13. If a girl is giving you a mean look, smile at her and it will instantly disappear. 
14. Classy never goes out of style.
15. A boy that wants to be with you will find a way to do so.
16. Treasure your childhood, and tell stories about it often so you don't forget.
17. Respect your father and mother.
18. Manners are essential.
19. Wear Lipstick. It's a game changer.
20. You can never own to many high heels.
21. Things do happen for a reason.
22. Dream Big.
23. See the world. It is how you learn who you really are.
24. Be the best friend/neighbor you can be.
25. Love unconditionally.
26. Forgive fast, but don't forget.
27. Bright Tube Socks and Shorts aren't cute together.
28. Be an amazing mother, it's the greatest calling you will ever get.
29. Love your husband 1st and forever.
30. Have Patience, and be calm.

So to all you amazing women in my life, thank you for teaching me some amazing things. I am grateful to each of you who have had a hand in raising this crazy little Jilly.