Jan 21, 2013

Thank You to all of YOU

I have to tell all of my amazing readers "Thank You!"  I received a pretty amazing email this morning about this blog, and I was so flattered and touched by the words they wrote to me.  I have the most amazing readers and people who just fall upon this blog by accident.  Thank you for letting me into your lives.  Thank you for letting me into your homes.  And most importantly, thank you for letting me into your soul.

I hear from people how I inspire them, or how something I have written about or said has gotten them through a rough time in their life.  I can't explain what each of you have gotten me through.  A lot of you think I'm so strong, and have this positive attitude all the time, but you don't see the days where I sit and cry because I can't eat, or I complain to Dave because I'm nauseated (again) or I whine because I only have a couple of hours of energy a day.  Those are the days when I know God loves me, because I will get on my email and have an amazing letter from someone I have never met.  

You each lift me in ways I can't explain and can never thank you enough for.  You got me through 18+ surgeries.  You supported me when I didn't know where to turn for help, and you have been there from the beginning when Dave and I felt so alone.  It has meant so much to my husband and I that we've always had this blog for support.  I know that I can sit down at my computer and write my feelings and just be "Jilli" and that you will accept me and love me as I am.  Not very many people in this world feel that way, so thank you for accepting me, as flawed as I am.

I'm moved to tears so many days by the comments, letters, emails, text messages, and phone calls, that I receive from people I have never even met telling me that they read something I wrote and it lifted them when they were down.  I wish you could see the strength that gives me to continue fighting.  There have been so many days where I have wanted to give up, stop trying, and let go.  In those moments one of you special individuals must know what I need because you are always there.  You each have so much amazing love in your heart, and I thank you for sharing that love with me.

Thank you for your love, support, kindness, hugs, letters, words of encouragement, kind devotion, and faith in me.  I can't express in words what you have done for my life.  You have made me into a woman that I have become very proud to be.  You have built me up and carried me on your shoulders in the hardest times of my life, and I have come out on top because of you.  So as much as each of you tell me that I have done something for you, please know that it is only because of the love you've shown me that I am able to express my gratitude for the life I have.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!  Thank you, for being the most perfectly flawed, amazing, beautiful, fabulous, and talented; YOU!